Five== Five is the second map made from Black Ops not continuing from World At War. This map includes not only nazi zombies, but american zombies. This map does not have hellhounds, but has the Pentagon Thief as it's place. He only comes when the power is turned on and he will steal your weapon if you don't kill him. This map includes a new wonder weapon, the Winter's Howl and has the return of Monkey Bombs. This map includes a new power-up called bonfire sale only available in this map. It can only be obtained by killing the Pentagon thief before he takes your weapon. When you do that you will also be awareded the achievment "Hands Off The Merchandise." Bonfire sale puts all the teleporters to the Pack-a-Punch room and lowers the cost of the Pack-a-Punch from 5,000 to 1,000.