The following information is among the UTP (User Treatment Policy) policy among the Wiki, innovating the civil action amongst other users.

Treating Others Properly

We all probably heard foul language such as "fuck", "damn", "shit", "nigger", "gay" ect., in real life, or by the game characters, and mostly other players of Multiplayer play.

Though, it may be acceptable among Multiplayer when hanging out with your friends and all, but is is NOT acceptable here at the Call of Duty HeadQuarters Wiki. If a user insults or uses foul language at another, that constitutes as a personal attack, and has a high chance of resulting in a block.

Foul Language

Sure, we all hear foul language, or commonly referred as cussing, cursing and swearing. There will be a high chance you will hear it here at the Call of Duty HeadQuarters Wiki. It is acceptable to use minimal foul language in chat and other uses, but when using it towards a player as an act of insulting or "name-calling", it will result in a block. No matter what, if another user uses foul language as an act of rage, insulting, or name-calling, it will result in a block. If a user also excessively uses foul language in high levels, in will too result in a block.

Discussions Among Civility

When participating in community discussions or conversing with other users, never go out of your way to intentionally irritate or attack other users. Doing such can be considered a personal attack, depending on the circumstances. Purposefully inciting conflict and thus causing a flame war is counterproductive and might result in being blocked. In addition, when making a point in a community discussion, do not illustrate your point in such a manner that is detrimental to the Wiki. Make your point, but never go overboard in doing so.

Being Hostile Against Newcomers

Users new to or inexperienced at editing on Wikis or just this Wiki are often unfamiliar with how policies, guidelines, and other important aspects of the wiki function. Regardless of the quality of the contributions, it is important to remember to assume good faith with new members. Though, you can correct and help out the new users, but just don't be hostile. Such as "You're doing it all wrong, dumbass!" will result in a block. As Wikipedia says, "nothing scares potentially valuable contributors away faster than hostility."

"Joking" Around

While jokes made by users are usually in good fun, jokes that can be considered offensive should be avoided. Friendley jokes that are funny are acceptable, though, if a user continues to say disrespectful jokes after several warnings, he or she will be subject to a block.

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