"Village in Brazil. Fight from all angles."
— Map description.

Rundown is a large sized multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Open combat takes place with a variety of weapons, along with some sniper advantage points and flanking areas. The opposing factions are the Task Force 141 and the Brazilian Militia.


Rundown, like Favela, takes place in a 'run-down' village in Brazil. A mountain similar to Corcovado is visible in the background, suggesting that it is located close to Rio De Janeiro.

A murky river separates the east and west sides of the map, with three of bridges connecting the main village to the ruined buildings outside. The Task Force 141 spawns in a field on the east, while Militia spawns in a large building in the west. Most buildings have accessible second floors as well, which echoes the vertical fighting seen in Favela.

Several sniper/long-range advantage points can be found, usually enables the player to shoot across a large portion of the map. Along with these points, flanking techniques take place, which allows the opponent(s) to flank and kill them. Taking place on this map also includes grassy areas, which increases the sight for ghillie suits to be more sneakier. These grassy portions can be found pretty much all around the map.


  • A bombed out building can be found on the Militia side of the map that is similar to the fuel station on Overgrown, including a rough sketch of ex-President Al-Fulani.
  • A single turret can be found on the map with a commanding view of the middle bridge. It must be climbed to however.
  • There is an indestructible TV on this map in front of the bridge.
  • The cars in this map have newspapers with Arabic letters in it, though, it takes place in Brazil.
  • Throughout the map there are several posters which feature a picture of the Titanic.
  • The dead cows are a definite continuation of the Call of Duty franchise to consistently have at least one level and/or multiplayer map in the game that has dead cattle.
  • From the boathouse it is possible to jump from the top window on to a car in the river taking very little if any damage at all.
  • In the 'Drug Store', upstairs there are two Cocaine bags, and if the player shoots them, white smoke puffs up.
  • Curiously, this map is classified as a "Desert" environment, as a player using a sniper rifle wears a desert ghillie suit.